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We are an advertising agency based in Gothenburg, Sweden. 


This is our story

A place of brave business 

Throughout our 25+ years in b2b marketing we have learnt the value of communication in order to better understand and advise our clients. Focus is always on your sales outcome, and everything we do and deliver has one common denominator - it shall drive sales.

Nothing exciting
ever happens

inside your comfort zone.

We never assume

It's not about us. Understanding your world is what it is all about. You know your reality so much better than we do. To be your best possible partner, we strive to gain insight into your organization, product, market, challenges and your goals.

Let's get you there

We don't sell creativity; we use it as a tool in our process. But it starts long before that, with a partnership formed through a high level of honesty, transparency and a drive to make a difference. Let us get to know you and your objectives and together we'll find the way to achieve the results you aim for. That's what we're offering. 


These are some of the fine clients who are brave enough to work with us:

Meet the Brave Team

We are a cloud-based agency and all our work, both film and print, can be found in the cloud. Quite often, so can our team. If we’re not in the office, you’ll probably find us in a coffee shop somewhere in the world.

OK, so all this sounds nice enough. But really, we prefer personal meetings. We’d love to meet face to face to talk to you and learn more about you.

So let's meet for a fika!

Fika {verb} ['fika] = Swedish for having a social coffee break