We always try to stay outside our comfort zone – but whaddyaknow, it has grown. And we don’t like it there! So, it’s time for a new step, with new colleagues and a new website. A new, braver Brave Zone. In the meantime, either apply to come work with us, check the Brave Zone film below, or get social on our Instagram and LinkedIn feeds. See you soon!


It’s not always a good sign when everyone instantly likes an idea. Usually that means it isn’t brave enough. A brave idea is like a stone in your shoe: you can’t ignore it. It’s an idea that, through true insight, challenges our preconceptions. It stakes out a position. Creates friction in people’s minds. And whenever you do that, there’s always a risk that someone, somewhere, won’t like it. But what’s the alternative? To be safe is to say nothing interesting. Which means to be ignored. Brave ideas are the only ones that matter.