3500 35 years

3500 35 years

This is a heavyweight, literally. 35 years ago, an engine was born in the womb of the Caterpillar factory in Lafayette, Indiana. One engine to rule them all, so to say. The first Cat 3500 engine platform. When this mother of all engines was to be celebrated, we just had to say yes.
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Since the Cat 3500 engine platform happens to be found in a lot of compilations, we wanted to feature not only the engine itself, but the vessels and sites that use the engine on a daily basis. Picture a story about a little crew, operating a little tugboat, towing giant boats from harbour to harbour in Alaska. Or a complete oil pipeline in Africa where the 3500 is the heart of the whole set up. What’s their story, what are their struggles? Quite intriguing, right?


When Caterpillar wanted something cool for the Cat 3500 engine series anniversary, we thought, let’s give them something extra. Something more than just to headline the engine, maybe headline a whole story? A story where the Cat 3500 is the star. So, by creating films about boats and customers using the 3500 as the main power provider, we gave the engine life and a story to tell.


We made a special birthday website for the birthday girl. The website is a mixture of technical pieces, stories, dealers and a technical timeline where you can follow the development of Caterpillar’s biggest success and all the hearts she has touched.


In addition to the website, we released a couple of ads and banners that featured on Caterpillars homepage, customized LinkedIn posts and so on.

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