Cat Asset Intelligence

Cat Asset Intelligence

Technology allows us to kick back and relax, making our lives so much easier. Like the new Caterpillar Marine Asset Intelligence (Cat AI) an analytics solution for vessel owners and their fleet. A system that reads your vessel like an open book, and can predict and avoid failures. The result is increased uptime, fuel savings, less emissions and extended maintenance intervals. Ain’t it grand?


Technical systems and algorithms are heavy stuff and that’s what Cat AI is all about. But shouldn’t everyone be able to grasp that concept? Well that’s what we thought and tried to make it a lot easier. By showing Cat AI in an easy and transparent way, highlighting all the advantages the system brings to the table, we dispel any questions, leaving the customer with answers.


We created two brochures which highlight all the benefits of Cat AI. A sales folder and a product brochure. Both can be used in a sales meeting but also by the dealers themselves, showing customers and potential customers what the excitement is about.


Cat AI undertakes 518,400,000 check-ups per day per vessel. That’s certainly a lot! By using infographics, we wanted to make a complicated process easier. They say a picture paints a thousand words but in this case, a picture depicts 518,400,000 readings.

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In the beginning, there was no Cat AI website, but Caterpillar wanted one, so we were on it. We made a brand-new website, with a cool design. We pressed on some key aspects such as Caterpillar’s flashpoints, press releases and short films to give the website ultra-engagement.


With the films made for Cat AI we illustrated the many perks of this fabulous analytics solution. Like, what can Cat AI do for you and your fleet? You can bet your bottom dollar that it’s a lot of improved durability and a lot less downtime in store.


A complicated system like Cat AI might need a little explanation. Not only written but also visual. That’s why we showed Cat AI in action. With real vessels and real people operating the system.


For the OSV conference in Huston, we designed an ad that was displayed in a variety of trade magazines.

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