Caterpillar Marine

Caterpillar Marine

In an industry where everyone relies on machines, Caterpillar Marine has to rely on customers and dealers. They make the world go around. When Caterpillar wanted to do something that stands out in the crowd, we were delighted. So, by shifting the focus from product to customer, we gave Caterpillar Marine a more friendly and real approach. Real people with real stories, that’s what it’s all about.


To win the customers trust, Caterpillar Marine had to show that they understood them completely. And at the same time stand out amongst the competition. If the competition is a square, Caterpillar had to be a circle. But how? By highlighting the customers, dealers and vessels rather than the products and press on the fact that there are actual people behind every one of the assets.


Every vessel has a story, and so does every crew. By putting less focus on Caterpillars products and assets and more on the stories that are actually out there we create trust for the brand.


As a leading marine industry provider, you tend to have a lot of things on your plate. We divided the big Marine sector intro a variety of segments, where each segment received an individual brochure. But still in the same style with a vessel or customer fronting the page.


Stories from the Sea is a vault of knowledge filled with real people and real vessels. You know, just real stories. Showing the struggles and challenges that come with this line of work is so much more appealing and relatable. We wanted the customer to picture him or herself riding the waves on that one particular cruise ship in, say, Fort Lauderdale. Feel the salty breeze in the hair and the sun gazing on top of the deck.


Suddenly the stories were in the spotlight and everything past this point directed towards them. We evolved websites, ads and trade shows around them. And in time, we could just as well remove all the assets, and let all the people tell it how it is.


All ads originate from a Story from the Sea. It could be about a specific vessel or genset. A big difference is that the pictures of engines that you might be familiar with in these kinds of ads, are replaced with pictures of customers and vessels.

Wake magazine

We approached Caterpillar Marine with the idea of creating a magazine to collect all the stories, technical pieces, infographics and other fun stuff. Like a vault of knowledge, for everyone to take part in. Caterpillar was onboard (yeah, a pun!) and that’s how Wake Magazine was born. Wake is published 4 times a year and is the core of all the ads, posts, brochures and films that are released in the name of Caterpillar Marine.

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