Caterpillar propulsion

Caterpillar propulsion

Every vessel out there need a propeller or a thruster right? You could either buy just any propeller you can find out there, or you could get a customized propeller that fits you perfectly depending on the operational profile, hydrodynamics and need of your vessel. So, what do you choose? Yeah, we thought so. At Caterpillar Propulsion no propeller is the other alike. And all with the high and reliable standard that is Caterpillar.


So we twisted the communication on this one a little bit, because there is an advantage in highlighting the customer, rather than a product such as an engine. By addressing an issue from the customers point of view and pin pointing all the challenges and demands that are put on a vessel and its crew and creating dialog marketing, we tried to come close to the problem. Working from the vessel down to product, and not the other way around. Making the customer the most important piece in the puzzle. 


Caterpillar is power. Caterpillar is bold, brave and dramatic. We are talking about big and massive machines, something for the true players in the field. Cuz this ain’t no childs game. We wanted to portray Caterpillar Propulsion in just exactly that way, with the purpose to create an open and frank dialogue between company and customer. 


So when it comes to prints, we really love them. And so does Caterpillar. That’s why we did a bunch of brochures, product sheets, upgrade kit folders and presentations for them. By issuing out these, Caterpillar can rest assured that both customers and retailers know what’s hot and what’s not.


So, as you might get now, we tried another take on Caterpillar, by letting the vessels and customers do their own talk. By incorporate all this into short films, we grabbed the attention of the customers and they like “Wow, Caterpillar really gets me!” Just the reaction we were aiming for!

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Caterpillar Propulsion needed a website, just as brave as they are. Something suave with a cool feeling. So we combined all those big pictures and big words into a bold cast and molded the new Caterpillar Propulsion website. It’s brave, it’s edgy, it’s Caterpillar.


There is this gadget called MPC500, a control systems update that enhances reliability and performance on vessels. Sounds cool, huh? So we made a campaign consisting of brochures, envelopes and response cards with nice offers for vessel owners and operators to get them to upgrade their old control system. Another cool thing Caterpillar Propulsion offers a health check for all of your applications. Anytime, anywhere. And that deserved a campaign as well.   


Caterpillar Propulsions ads goes both online and in magazines. By promoting the story of one particular customer situation, we want to make Caterpillar stand out from the competition. And they all link to a film e.g. a Story from the Sea.


The thing we’re doing is engaging Caterpillars customers through storytelling, because real stories about real people shows that Caterpillar truly understands all the pressure that is put on customers and their vessels. And the best solutions can be found when communication is true. 

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