CLS remove uncertainty from property transactions and development projects by combining data, technology and insurance. They crunch big numbers, analyze relevant data and statistics to find the best possible outcome for the customer. All while using customized algorithms, leaving no room for error.


So, we have this cool company with an innovative system, a new form of data analysis that can predict the future for property owners and let their investments go with the lowest risk. But how do we get CLS out there? They have complex products that need an introduction. Together, we developed a strategy for them, with common goals and target definitions. The whole package and a matching tagline were given to them. “Take chance out of the equation”, sums it up pretty good!


The second part of the proposition was to give them a solid look. Said and done. CLS received a visual style guide, design manual, image tonality and tone of voice, by pushing on their unique selling point.


We pretty much know that CLS are brilliant. And the world has to know too, but how? Well, by showing that CLS is taking chance out of the equation and that all the data crunching, technology and insurance really pay off. To get out the message of the concept “Take chance out of the equation”, we used and played around with lucky charms. We gave them away, cuz CLS need no luck, that’s a fact.


CLS were attending one of the largest property exhibitions in England and wanted some help with the stand. Since CLS work with property we were like, hey, let’s make the stand look like a house! We wanted to show how brave and innovative CLS and their technology is. We built the stand around the concept “Take chance out of the equation”, and filled the stand with lucky charms. They were lucky enough to get nominated for Best Stand Award and received the second prize.

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