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███ ████ ██ is a market-leading company that thrives on simplifying Environmental Reports on Contaminated Land, Flood, Ground Stability and Energy & Infrastructure. Their whole idea is a simple approach to Environmental Reports. And since we love all things simple, we gladly jumped on board when they reached out to us.


When you have a smart product, with a simple twist, it’s all about making the strategy fly just as the product and company itself. ███ wanted to simplify things, in a clever way that stands out and create huge product awareness. A multi-touch point campaign was the way forward.


Based on the old method of redacting we created an envelope with a double message based upon the concept of the campaign: It’s always complicated, until you make it simple. This envelope could then be sent to prospects, filled with a simple call to action.


The entire campaign was made with simplicity at the heart. We made ads based on the direct mail piece, that creates the double message when the two ads are side by side. The animated banner works like the print ad but in a digital way. To tie the campaign together we designed a simple campaign site where prospects (in just a few clicks) could get more information and request samples.

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