Inuheat came to us with a kick-ass idea that we couldn’t resist to get involved with. Innovative technology to heat up individual pieces of clothes. Well, this is mighty cool (pun intended). Lets get warmed up.


So you have a smart product designed by an even smarter company, Inuheat. We felt instantly that we had to follow them from dusk til’ dawn, cuz that’s how cool they are. So we made a whole brand platform that includes tonality, design manual, a visual style guide and of course a brand story.


So, first of all we knew we wanted to boost Inuheats brand and image. Make it fly. Push their tone of voice, unique selling point and visual style. Create a feeling of recognition and associations with the brand. Said and done.


We really loved the idea of a wearable heating platform and could see us using it all winter long (i.e. October – April…). So together with the guys at Inuheat we created the concept “Made possible by”. We chose to push on their trustworthiness as developers of this amazing and innovative heat clothing solution and take it all the way. Sky’s the limit.


When designing the brochures for Inuheat we wanted to create a feeling of recognition of the cold. Like a modern twist on the outdoor lifestyle. To get ya’ll to remember the weather conditions that can occur when skiing, hunting or working outside. Like when you’re really really cold and your whole body is just shivering. In comes: Inuheat with their innovative technology to heat up individual pieces of clothes. Bye bye cold feet!


We were utterly flattered when Inuheat were brave enough and reached out to us. And when they told us that they were ready to fully launch their platform for wearable heat wear, we had to meet them pronto. They were in need of a presentable packaging with the right amount of sass. Something just as cool as the product itself. We sketched and sketched until we found the perfect packaging for the perfect product.


Brave Zone took a turn on our ideas and made them better. Such a useful, educative and good experience.

Rickard Rosendahl Inuheat

They know all the aspects of our company. Brave Zone get us, and the result is as expected top notch!

Rickard Rosendahl Inuheat

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