Jelly Hive

Jelly Hive

The systems development company Advise Solutions was looking for a new brand identity. Something that would reflect who they really are: passionate, diligent, and unpretentious, with a vision to be the best workplace in Sweden for the best Swedish developers. They emerged as Jelly Hive, ready to take on the world with a new name, new branding concept and new website.


The new brand identity had an important job to do: bring the Jelly Hive values to life. Bold colors and a jaunty logo captured the company’s playful spirit, while the new graphic guidelines gave the brand a unique, consistent visual style.


Modern, clean, and easy to navigate, the Jelly Hive website is designed to be an interactive platform – a place where the company’s employees can express themselves and demonstrate their skills in coding and system development. With its friendly tone and focus on teamwork, the website is more than an inviting digital home. It’s an important asset to the Jelly Hive brand – and just what they need to stand out from the rest of the IT crowd.

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