Here we have a couple of cool guys working as consultants in management and IT and are overall experts in the digital arena. Well, it’s safe to say that these guys love the data. They wanted to get themselves a glow up, new logo, new website, new name, new everything. If we were up for the challenge? You bet!


We knew that Octopi Bay needed a sturdy website. Something cocky that pops, that raises the stakes in the business, something that almost stings you in the eye, but in a good way. We chose to quote some great thinkers and doers like Michael Jordan and Coco Chanel, to give the website a playful vibe.

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The strategy is easy; it’s all about standing out in the crowd. Be the cheeky one in a world that’s timid and modest. But without losing any credibility in your company. Said and done. We pictured Octopi Bay as the hierarchy less company they really are, always with a striving ambition for the best outcome for the customer.


It was quite clear to us that Octopi Bay is a company that dares to be brave and think outside the (wire)frame (pun intended). That’s why we agreed with them to give them a bold branding with intense colors and popping images. Nothing ordinary here, no sir. 

Nah bruv, landscape won't work, try portrait