Have you ever been standing in line in a shop? Of course you have. That small piece of paper in your hand with a number is what Qmatic is all about. Globally leading in designing customer journeys, which means improving businesses, supporting employees and helping people to save time. So when we got the opportunity to create something together with Qmatic, we were like, name the time and place. And we’ll be there.


Saving time for people, how awesome is that? Well, unlimited levels of awesomeness, if you ask us. We revolved the strategy around that time saving aspect and all the things you could do with all this time you now got on your hand.


We made a book for Qmatic. That’s right. An awesome book called: “Can you spare an hour of your time?” The ingenious twist is that you can read the book in different rounds. The first round takes 1 minute and 30 seconds. The second round takes 15 minutes, and the third 59 minutes. So, even if the book is asking for an hour of your time, you can have the option to read it faster. Art imitates life. Or something like that.

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