Here we have a company that make it easy to understand the capability of people, for any role in any industry. Their software provides evidence of a person's capability. What they think they know and what they do. Cool, huh? Basically, they give you the right tools to get the right insight. And when they wanted to work with us, in developing their communication, we were like heck yeah!


So we have smart tech by a smart company, Silent Edge, and that’s cool and all, but we wanted to position them like a humble challenger, not a know-it-all wiseass company (like the competition…). That’s why we put the emphasis on their wide knowledge of talent management, and on their modesty. It’s all about talking directly to the customer and not above their heads.


First things first, we knew that we needed to upgrade Silent Edge’s brand and image to stand out amongst the competition. So, we pushed their USP, tone of voice and style by giving them all the tools and components of a visual style guide.

New logo

A super slick company like Silent Edge needs an exciting and eye-popping logo, so we decided to get rid of all the wiggly lines and soft corners in the old and outdated one. Silent Edge needed something bold, simple, daring and challenging. Maybe some color? So, we gave that to them.

Image tonality

We wanted to portray Silent Edge as a trustworthy company, somebody you can call when in need and who are all about people. But at the same time keep it personal and familiar. The best way of showing that was using very tiny model figures photographed in real size environment, cuz is there any other way of showing a miniature world in motion? Miniature people, representing tiny mankind in this big world of ours.

Nah bruv, landscape won't work, try portrait