Stories from the sea

Stories from the sea

Caterpillar Marine has thousands and thousands of engines out there, but the customers are still what it’s all about. That’s why we wanted to mix things up a little bit, let the engines and gensets take a step back, and the customers take their rightful place in the limelight. So we developed Stories from the Sea, a website that pin point the customers and their vessels. Real stories with real people.


Caterpillar wanted a whole new take on things, something different. So a thought hit us, like *boom*, what if we basically removed all the gizmos and focused on the customers and their vessels? Wouldn’t that be cool? Said and done. We sent a film crew to a variety of locations all around the world to film vessels and their crews out in the field, doing the real work. These short films were later gathered and presented on a website.


Here is the deal, Caterpillar needed a digital vault of marine goodies. Some place to go and reminisce about all the vessels that are out there. Something for the dealers to be proud about and show future customers. So we took all these awesome short films and put them online. The result was Stories from the Sea. And you’d be surprised the things you’ll find there. Might even learn something new today!

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Stories From the Sea is about Caterpillar's precious customers. It's their story and that story shows that it is not us, but they and especially their people who are BUILT FOR IT.

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