Everybody loves a fancy invitation and we love creating them. So we were excited to make one for the exclusive VIP event celebrating the opening of the new Porsche Centre in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Future Climate Info (FCI) is the market-leader for environmental reports. But these are environmental reports with a twist. FCI provides its audience with extensive data, full risk assessments, clear solutions and a concise summary. Turning information into actions for the audience is a fresh approach. Since we love all things fresh, we gladly jumped on board when they reached out to us.

Far, far away in the city of Borås, there’s a company called Elkontakt. It is a great electrician company with even greater employees. But, at the end of the day, Elkontakt somehow still ended up having too few. This is how we helped.

Have you ever waited at a deli counter or service desk? Of course you have. Well, there’s a good chance that small piece of paper in your hand with a number on it was from Qmatic. They’re the global leaders in designing customer journeys, which means improving businesses, supporting staff and helping people save time. So when the opportunity came up to create something together with Qmatic, we were first in line.

Working as consultants in management, IT and experts in the digital arena, the guys at Octopi Bay love data. A makeover was wanted including a new logo, new website, new name, new everything.

Mölnlycke Health Care is all about solutions and products for healthcare professionals. As a top manufacturer of woundcare and single-use surgical products, Mölnlycke has all the answers when it comes to bandaging your wounds. Brave Zone is overjoyed to have worked with this amazing healthcare company to create an exhibition stand. Want to hear more about our work together? Read on…

As leading flooring specialists, it was time for Ehrenborg to make a stand! So, ahead of an important trade show, we had the pleasure of helping to build one.

When barnacles decide to make the hull of your vessel their home, they have a nasty effect on its performance through the water and you end up using more fuel. Which costs you and the planet.

But there is a way to prevent it from happening. Selektope is a hull coating developed by I-Tech that doesn’t kill the barnacles, it just makes them look elsewhere to settle down. It’s the environmentally-friendly choice in more ways than one. So rest assured: No barnacles were harmed in the making of this campaign!

White Cloud Capital is a private, family-oriented investment company. It puts capital and expertise into fast-growing companies primarily in Europe and Asia-Pacific.

When Toyota approached us to get some help, we felt very lucky. What a privilege to be working with a giant like Toyota! They wanted to do something brave and bold and we obliged.