Future Climate Info

Future Climate Info (FCI) is the market-leader for environmental reports. But these are environmental reports with a twist. FCI provides its audience with extensive data, full risk assessments, clear solutions and a concise summary. Turning information into actions for the audience is a fresh approach. Since we love all things fresh, we gladly jumped on board when they reached out to us.


When you have a smart product, it’s all about making a statement to strengthen its existence. FCI wanted to do something different, something that stands out. Based on the idea of redacting text, we created an envelope that revealed the campaign message: “It’s always complicated, until you make it simple”. This direct marketing piece would be received by prospective customers.


Based on the concept from the print direct marketing, we made banner ads where the message was animated. To tie the campaign together we created a campaign landing page where prospects could get more information and the campaign could be easily measured.

If you are looking for a braver approach to your marketing, let’s meet for a coffee.