When barnacles decide to make the hull of your vessel their home, they have a nasty effect on its performance through the water and you end up using more fuel. Which costs you and the planet.

But there is a way to prevent it from happening. Selektope is a hull coating developed by I-Tech that doesn’t kill the barnacles, it just makes them look elsewhere to settle down. It’s the environmentally-friendly choice in more ways than one. So rest assured: No barnacles were harmed in the making of this campaign!


We had in mind that we wanted I-Tech to stand out from the others in the industry. The company’s unique approach to anti-fouling – Selektope – was at the heart of the strategy. By promoting the product as well as highlighting I-Tech’s knowledge and research, we looked for well-deserved recognition from the marine community and got the right people talking about Selektope.


I-Tech needed a whole new website, design manual and visual style guide to go with the new, smooth and powerful look. With that as a base, we knew I-Tech would stand out in trade magazines and against the competition to receive the recognition and business it deserved.


A product like Selektope can be hard to understand, especially if you’re not a scientist who knows something about a barnacle’s octopamine receptors. Put simply, Selektope’s active ingredient temporarily stimulates these receptors to keep the barnacle larvae in swimming mode so they just can’t settle on the hull. We made short films about how Selektope works so that everyone would understand it.

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