Mat och Musik på Knarrholmen

Knarrholmens Restaurant is known for its fine dining and views over Gothenburg’s archipelago. The restaurant hosts summer nights where the excellent food and beautiful views are accompanied with entertainment from some of Sweden’s most loved artists. With this wonderful vision to mind, Knarrholmens wanted to communicate its concept – which is where Brave Zone came in.


Knarrholmens Restaurant wanted to communicate to potential guests what the summer nights they hosted were all about. To achieve this, we created a clear message and logo accompanied with a communication strategy and messages for print, digital and social media.


The nights at Knarrholmens restaurant are all about food and music, so we decided to call it Mat och Musik på Knarrholmen (which translates to Food and Music at Knarrholmen). As simple as that. The logo for the events indicated a night near the sea, making sure the expectations for guests was right.


We created several prints to communicate the event, showing the location and the artists performing at the restaurant. Posters, invitations, table speakers and menus where all created to express the warm and relaxed vibe.

Digital and social media

We also worked on the social and digital elements of communication; creating events and advertisement online. The artists recorded themselves talking about their upcoming performances at Knarrholmen, creating interest for the exclusive gig on social channels. We also created a web page for mat och Musik on the restaurant website, for information and booking.