Octopi Bay

Working as consultants in management, IT and experts in the digital arena, the guys at Octopi Bay love data. A makeover was wanted including a new logo, new website, new name, new everything.

Strategy and branding

The brave strategy is all about standing out from the crowd. When everyone else is too shy and modest, be the cheeky, interesting yet still totally professional one. We saw Octopi Bay as it really is and especially how the company always focuses on the best outcome for the customer. It was quite clear to us that Octopi Bay is a company that dares to be brave. That’s why we agreed to create a bold brand with intense colours and popping images.


Octopi Bay needed a stunning yet sturdy website. Something that hits you in the face – but in a good way! It’s a site that means business but we balanced that with quotes from some great thinkers and doers like Coco Chanel and Michael Jordan to give the website a playful vibe.

If you are looking for a braver approach to your marketing, let’s meet for a coffee.