Life in the

The moment you step into our offices, you can tell we have a different way of doing things. There’s an energy in the air. A sense of freedom that comes from being driven not by billing but by the challenge of doing good work.


This is a place for people who value independence and calculated risk-taking. For people who aren’t afraid of responsibility or the occasional long workday. And for people who know that self-censorship is the enemy of creativity.


If you’re a marketing professional with at least five years’ experience who shares these values, you may be a perfect fit for our team. Check this page for job openings. Even if none are listed, get in touch anyway. We’re always looking for likeminded creative people.





Were you expecting a full job description here? That’s something we don’t do at Brave Zone. All we will say is that we are looking for:

  • A confident and competent writer, who’s happy to write in different styles, tones and formats, as well as across various platforms.
  • A real idea person; no idea isn’t worth listening to at Brave Zone.
  • Someone who is well-equipped for proofreading and copy-editing tasks.
  • An overall strong communicator, both in the office and with clients.
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